Monday, 11 May 2015

MPM: 11th May 2015

I think my cat fancies herself as a blogger.  There she was, curled up asleep in her radiator bed, and the second I opened my laptop she was up and positioning herself between me and the keyboard.  Which is extremely sweet, but it is making it very difficult to type this (it should be noted that I am far too wet to actually move the cat, who rules the household with a rod of purr.)

Anyway, meal planning Monday and the week is pretty much sketched out.  We're abroad on Wednesday night, seeing Stewart Lee perform in Harrogate and D is out on Friday night and, in recompense, was muttering about springing for an Indian takeaway on Saturday - a rare treat, but a welcome one.  Elsewhere...

Chilli crab and rocket spaghetti
Bacon, egg and asparagus salad (made this a couple of weeks ago but am now trying out a slightly different version - it's a delicious combo!)
Pea and ham soup
Some sort of roast dinner...?

Hmmm, not a vintage week, but it'll do for now.  As ever, head over to Mrs M's for more meal planning fun.

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  1. Would love to see your crab spaghetti recipe as this is something I'm intending to cook next weekend.

    And roasts - always good, mmmm.