Monday, 9 February 2015

MPM: 9th February 2015

Greetings meal planners!  And, for those of you who celebrate such things, happy Valentine's Day for Saturday.  I know it's goofy and commercial but I don't care!  We're out on Friday evening to a local restaurant that we've been meaning to try for ages - the food menu looks really promisingly delicious.  And then on the day itself we are cooking up a romantic dinner inspired by our New York trip (now well over a year ago.  Sigh).  We've even recorded the Superbowl to play in the background and really set the scene.

Now, what else is going on this week?  Tomorrow we are off to Liverpool for a training course so tea is likely to be something quick and light when we get in - sardines or scrambled eggs on toast, something of that ilk. That leaves just four days for the meal plan proper.

Lamb biryani (using leftover meat from the Sunday roast)
Oven baked red pepper and chorizo risotto (bumped from last week)
Soup (of course)
Beef and ale stew with mash and veg

More meal planning fun over at Mrs M's.


  1. Ooh that risotto looks fab...I'm always boring with mine, pepper and chorizo is definitely one to try. Have a great week xx

  2. Everything sounds fab!! Sounds like you have a lovely week planned!

  3. The biryani sounds delicious, I love using leftovers in a curry

  4. Replies
    1. We drank Manhattens and watched the Superbowl - it was bliss!! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day as well.