Saturday, 19 July 2014

Scales on Saturday - episode IV: A New Hope

Don't let anyone tell you that weight loss is just about what you do or do not eat.  Weight loss is, in no small part, down to successfully playing mind games with yourself.  It is about strategy.

Since last September, my strategy has been to have one eye looking back on where I've come from rather than on where I was going, which until recently was pretty successful.  But, for the next few months, I'm adopting a forward looking approach.  Not so far as the ultimate goal - that's a way off yet.  But I'm stepping the pressure on myself up a little bit and challenging myself to reach a certain point by Christmas.  Or rather, since it is far too early for the C-word, by the end of this calendar year.

So, scores on the doors this week...

This week: -2.8lbs
Lbs to End of Year goal: 33.8

The observant among you will notice that my initial prediction that I would start this campaign with around 30lbs to lose was a bit off.  Which means the challenge is, well, a bit more challenging.  Still, to achieve this goal in the number of weigh ins I have left (of course I have a spreadsheet) I have to lose, on average, 1.5lbs a week.  That is entirely achievable.

A good start this week.  I'm not going to lie, I would have liked to have hit 3lbs, but I entirely accept that was rather ambitious.  As it is, I'm pleased.  That 2.8 was pretty well deserved - I tracked everything that passed my lips, I cut right back on alcohol and stuck wholeheartedly to our house meal plan, which was no great hardship given that it was delicious.  I actually ended the week with weekly points left in the bank - I'm going to try and work on that this week as I really don't think under eating my allowance for the sake of feeling virtuous is particularly laudable.  I also didn't get as much exercise as I had initially planned due to a couple of long days at the office.  I need to work out how best to tackle that.

But I'm on the way, my strategy is in place, my eye is on the prize and it looks as if I am in full on cliche spouting mode.  Hurrah!


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  2. You're amazing! You can totally do it! I suddenly seem to be speaking in American but I feel that level of pep about this!