Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Moving on (up?)

I recently made the decision that I am going to move out of my current property come the end of September.  I don't know yet if my destination will be D's house or somewhere entirely different but it has become increasingly clear to me that staying here will mean I run the risk of wallowing.

It's such a shame as the house I live in is lovely, if a little impractical (being spread across four floors) and so handy for work and I want so much to love it's a bit when you were a teenager, buying a beautiful dress and then wearing it on a really bad date.  The negative associations linger like the smell of Lynx deodorant.

So as of the 1st October it will be a fresh start, either as a housewife in Leeds suburbia or elsewhere.  I mean, I'll still be working in Leeds so by elsewhere I mean...another part of Leeds.  Or possibly Harrogate.  Just not here.  One thing is definitely for sure.  At some point early in October you, my lovely blog readers will log on to a post in which I say that this time, this fresh start will be the one where I achieve that state of Nirvana which is Goal Weight.  And you, because you are lovely, will cheer me on and agree with me despite the fact this is the eleventy billionth time you have heard it.

I feel like I should thank you in advance...


  1. If ever a woman deserved nirvana..... (not the sweaty shouty (rather good) group).


  2. Lovely positive thoughts honey, wishing you all the good moving vibes in the world xxx