Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Why isn't ert the opposite of inert?

I have been known to “hang out” (get me with the modern parlance) on the WW message boards from time to time. Weight loss – especially when you have a bit to lose – is like…I don’t know, golf, in that it is one of those things that becomes incredibly interesting and all consuming to you in a way that is utterly inexplicable to those who can’t relate.

Anyhoo, there is a lovely lady, K, on there who had lost stones and stones and who now runs seasonal challenges for other people – she puts you into teams and then you report your weight loss (or lack thereof) each week and she sends motivational messages and awards stars to the individuals and teams who lose the most weight…it’s all very much the kind of thing I appreciate and I thought I’d join this season for some additional motivation. I am in team 3 and they are lucky to have me (hollow laugh).

I had to report a gain for my first week of the challenge – which will be no surprise to anyone who saw my rather depressing post yesterday. I commented to K that real life was getting in the way of Weight Watching and she sent me a lovely response back:

You’re so right about real life interfering with our WW efforts! I think if you just stick at it, things will get better on the WW front. I look at it as a measure of my control over a small piece of a chaotic world. Everything else might be going wrong, but if I have control over what I eat, things are good in one part of my life.

Wise words indeed, from a woman who has proved that it is possible to lose a substantial amount of weight and, what’s even more incredible, keep it off.

So – things may be up in the air with D but today, just today, I’m going to take back a bit of control elsewhere.

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  1. That's a good philosophy - and if I know I'm eating badly, I feel worse about myself and it can become a vicious circle. Not using food to try and make myself feel better is very hard, even though it only works for a very short time before I'm plunged into an even greater despair!

    Today is a stave day for me and I've already come up with lots of reasons in my head why I shouldn't do it. Plodding along with it though. And lest that sounds virtuous, I had TWO frappuccinos yesterday. Glutton.