Tuesday, 24 April 2012

On losing that losin' feelin'

Well, weighed in this morning after a frankly nail biting weekend at the London marathon and for the second week in a row the scales crept upwards.

There will be no beating up of self, no tears and recriminations, however there will be some musing as to why I've floundered.

So #1 - a long weekend away after a week of holiday meant that I never quite got my head back in the game. Which is daft in the extreme - I had a Sunday, a Monday, a Tuesday, a Wednesday AND a Thursday to be on track and that might have mitigated any weekend shenanigans. Lesson learned - don't ever hesitate to get back to tracking even if you know it will only be for a couple of days.

#2 - People running a marathon are supposed to carb load in the run up to the race. People who are only watching a marathon probably should not do so with QUITE as much enthusiasm. If you want to eat like a runner you have to, y'know, run.

I've been on track today and it has been really, really hard. There was some proper, light headed, wobbly hunger this afternoon and a misplaced fancy for one of the bottles of lager currently lurking in the fridge on the journey home - overcome by a banana and a cup of tea respectively. Baby steps, but as long as they are in the right direction this week that'll be enough.

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  1. Hehe #2 made me chuckle. Well done for dealing with it quickly and properly :) these things happen!

  2. Get tha'sen back in the game (as they say round these parts). It's easy to let it drift when you have an excuse (I know!) but, as you say, a few days tracking will get you back inthe right direction.

    Lesley xx

  3. Commiserations. On no 1 - SO TRUE and so hard to do. But no 2 really made me laugh!