Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday 4

Back to reality and Mrs M's

Hmmm. Well, strictly speaking this is meal planning Tuesday. But we'll draw a veil over the lack of accuracy to the title, shall we? And forgive a poor little brain addled by a week of sunshine and cider?

After a wonderful time away I am not really in the mood for anything as sensible as meal planning. Or, indeed, work. Fortunately I'm off to Birmingham for a meeting today, so several hours can be whiled away on the train catching up with blogs and staring into the middle distance wishing that I was still on holiday...

The meal plan for this week is rather brief and rather dull:

Roast chicken breasts with asparagus

Smoked salmon linguine - final recipe not yet decided

A one pot prawn and tomato curry with rice and naan to accompany Dr Who on Saturday

Garlic and rosemary lamb with new potato salad

Plus a lovely meal with friends at my beloved J Baker's and a night out in Birmingham on expenses! But since we're talking civil service expenses that is far less exciting than one might expect!

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  1. Some gorgeous sounding meals, my mouth is watering over the lamb. I don't eat nearly enough of it. Prawn curry sounds good too! Thanks for joining in.

  2. I LOVE planning meals!! I plan two weeks worth of meals and get everything delivered from sainsbury's...i love love love it!!!! can't wait to hear all the yummy details :)

  3. I love asparagus and Jeff


    Dee Treaux

  4. Mmmm, smoked salmon linguine sounds lovely - as does the prawn and tomato curry.

    Civil service expenses? That will be McD's then....!